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Your Wedding

You’re planning your wedding and you need music. Actually you need more than just music, you need someone who can help you create the soundtrack to your wedding. Carolina Wedding DJ is here to do that. We take your ideas of the perfect wedding. Then we blend them with our wedding experience to create an event tailored just for you!

You have lots of questions about your wedding. But don’t worry, there’s time to get the answers and come up with a plan. That’s what we do at We have all the tools to do it too!

Our Availability Checker

To begin, you will want to check my availability here –the date checker will lead you right into our “free wedding quote” which will give you a price for a menu of services. If you want you can continue on to our Contract page to book. You can even pay online through our payment portal!

Interactive Planning Forms

You can plan each part of your wedding using our interactive planning forms. Find them here   You can plan for ceremony music, Reception Timeline and Special Dances/Announcements.

Music Selection

We have two music selection tools.

Here you can select any song and save to your file

Then there’s the “Fun Weddings” App that really helps when you’re jammed up looking for that special song. Select any wedding category like “First Dance” or “Bridal Entrance” and it comes up with the 50 top songs! For general Dance music it has the top 200 songs played at weddings.

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