Who are the Wedding Planners?

Who are the wedding planners and what do they do?

Our experiences with small weddings, usually not associated with a restaurant, show that there is still a need to have someone organizing the event right up to when the DJ/Master of Ceremonies presses play for the processional.

While there may be a ceremony rehearsal the night before, who becomes the leader when the wedding day dawns? The officiant has their place, to gather the groomsmen, but at what time? The DJ is at his station, playing seating music. When does the processional begin?

Insert Wedding Liaison here.  Every bridal party needs someone, to keep focus on the task at hand, to keep order in the ranks! This person is usually a relative so brides, pick someone who is reliable, eager to please and can attend the rehearsal.

We’re thinking of advertising this as a service. My wife has catered weddings, been in weddings, gotten married herself! and is present at every event. In case anything goes wrong, she my backup; running for supplies or pressing play herself while Wedding DJ does repairs or swaps out faulty equipment. Experience and knowledge is key.

Having nominated someone to waltz the bridal party towards the altar, this liaison provides information of what comes next and is the agent to cue the vendors. This feature goes a long way in having a smooth entrance to the most important day of your life.

What are your experiences with wedding planners? without? Were you, the brides satisfied or could there be improvement in this area? Let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

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