Wedding Reception Dilemma

You only have one hour left on your 3 hour reception schedule and you just finished dinner! What a wedding reception dilemma! How can you fit in the special dances, cake, bouquet/garter and still leave time for wild and crazy dancing?!  Carolina Wedding DJ to the rescue, for the guidance and seamless musical motion towards your Last Dance.

Your DJ needs to be able to roll with your events and be the M.C. you hired to front the management of your party. When dilemmas occur during your wedding reception, Carolina Wedding DJ Bob immediately contacts you.  You decide what is most important and together, you eliminate the lesser moments from your program. This is what it means in the contract when it reads,

The said DJ SERVICE shall consist primarily of providing recorded music. Bob agrees to skillfully and faithfully render his professional services, at all times having complete control of his program.

 Bob commands the music, delivers steady constant steerage of  the dance floor so that you continue to have a fabulous time, without skipping a beat! A little nudge by the beat,

There are many reasons why wedding reception dilemmas arise; you get sidetracked, equipment breaks, weather changes momentum. Rest assured that the professional you hire in Carolina Wedding DJ has seen it all and knows when and how to reset the Fun Meter, so nothing upsets the most special day of your life.

After all, “what a wonderful world…..”  to have conquered your wedding reception dilemma and be waltzing off into your future as Mr. & Mrs.!

wedding reception dilemma


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