“Why don’t they call back?”

“I just wanted to know whether my date was available but out of all the DJ businesses I called or emailed, you were the only to both call and email me.” This bride booked the venue late winter, asking if there would be Wedding DJ available.

Carolina Wedding DJ Bob is asking, “why don’t they call back?”  This is what we do, send you to the website to discover whether your date is available and what the costs are for your wedding music. Money is not the only factor in choosing a Wedding DJ. You need  information about what music services are offered and delivered.

Put the prices on the website? Take the prices off the website? Keep the quote form? Eliminate the quote form? We listen to the feedback from the brides. Yes, it’s time consuming to insert all the pertinent personal information before getting a quote. You get a copy and we don’t lose ours, by printing it out.  Yes, we need to talk to you because no form can precisely describe your desires or circumstances. What do you really want and how can we make that happen?

Do you need two sound systems, one each for ceremony and reception? Perhaps not. We are familiar with most venues in the area, so we can determine whether you can save $199. To book us, you only need a $200 deposit and a signed contract. If you need to add on lights, since the venue is darker than you want it, we can accommodate. If the hours change, as you solidify the events and scheduling with the venue, we respond with reduction or increase in the balance.  If the military is changing your orders, we will be as flexible as we can, with our arrangements. We have up to two weeks before the wedding to finalize payments.

Our twenty year span of experience has blessed us with most situations that can arise during weddings. The Master of Ceremonies becomes your wedding planner during your event. Bob guides your guests through cocktails, dinner and dancing. The focus stays on You as he announces your photo ops, the special dances, all the moments you want to share while keeping to the timeline.

This Wedding DJ is available! Call 252-249-4944 and talk to brenna or email us at info@carolinaweddingdj.com.

Your wish is our command. The magic awaits you!

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