First Dance Songs on Valentine’s Day

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This is a day of hope for many a couple. Will these words waif through the air, “Will you marry me?” There may be a magical box to be opened or ring shopping might leap onto your calendar. Was there a song playing in the background?  First dance wedding music choices have just begun!

This is where Carolina Wedding DJ comes in. What are your favorite love songs?  There are moments throughout your reception where you want to hear the perfect song.  One that expresses what is bursting in your heart, how much love you have to give.

Find the perfect song!

The one of most romantic moments is your first dance.  Will you pick a song that you heard when you first met? Or is there a recent song that captures all you want to say on your wedding day?  Are you sexy or  deliberate?  Free-wheeling? Are you deeply affectionate and romantic or a bit shy in such a public display?  Here’s a little tip:  Check out the Iphone App ‘Fun Weddings” for ideas for songs on every wedding event!

The list of top 200 Wedding Songs for 2016 has been released by various websites. My latest “fav” is  Michael Franti & Spearhead – Say Hey (I Love You) since it has such a great beat.  JT’s “Can’t stop this feeling” is a great dance tune to open up the dance floor to your guests.

My DJ Services start the conversation with your choices of music; which year and genre you favor so I can start weaving melodies that will become part of your memories of this special day. Everything is choreographed before you slip on your wedding dress. Of course, new tunes come out everyday and these requests can be easily added on the fly at your reception.

So you can start saving your songs now. Don’t forget that some of  your family and friends may be celebrating their anniversaries, around your wedding date. What a loving gesture to play their special song during your special dance segment.

May all your dreams come true, it can happen to you, when you’re in love!






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