Saving money on your North Carolina wedding

Wedding DJ for New Bern, Crystal Coast and WilmingtonI’m all about saving my clients money on their North Carolina Wedding. Don’t get me wrong, when you go to my Availability Page  you will be able to select upgrades such as Live Music, Lighting and Ceremony packages to make really outstanding weddings.

Everyone wants their North Carolina wedding to be perfect, right? But what if those frills are not in your budget? “How can I do it all and stay in my budget?” (that is MY #1 question for myself!)

             Save money on your North Carolina Wedding!

Here’s your scoop of the day….I like to save you money! It makes me feel like I’m giving back to the families that provide me with the best job ever. I enjoy crafting the atmosphere, your special playlist and a relaxed North Carolina wedding! That takes time and energy though so to save big $$, you have to make it easy for me…..

Easy, like having your wedding at River Dunes right here in Pamlico County, or for a real deal check out the Neuse River Suites situated on the river in the lovely village of Oriental. These venue selections will save you big $$ under my “local discount” program. I have participated in great weddings at both of these places. You can also save by keeping the ceremony close by the reception. I bring 2 sound systems, one for the ceremony and a second for the reception. They are all set up beforehand so your guests can move seamlessly from one event to the next, listening to continuous music. But if you are within say 50 feet of the reception site I can use one sound system for both events and that makes it easy for me….and cheaper for you!

So the best thing to do is to click on my Availability Page, select your wedding packages and then contact me personally and together we can make it easy, save you money and make the memories of a lifetime.

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