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Wedding Planning – Riding the Wedding Wave! Wedding planning checklist
Wedding Checklist

Wedding Planning - From your Engagement to your Last Dance,

You are riding the wave of wedding details, themes, color palates, food and music. The only way to handle it all is to be organized, very organized. Hiring talented wedding professionals helps take the load off but still only you can convey to them what you would like for your perfect day!

Keys to planning your wedding

Wedding planning is dealing with tons of wedding ideas, proposals and contracts that you will need to access easily. A "quick conversation" isn't so quick when you're looking for the paperwork! So do yourself a favor and get an inexpensive (yes, but decorative!) accordion type file for all that paper and pictures from magazines.

This is the old school "drag and drop" method of putting your wedding together! Everything in its place, just add an "Action Book Planner" and you'll be ready to keep it all in order! Although there are many wedding planning apps for the tech savvy brides out there, having pictures from magazines and hardcopies of contracts works well for what you are setting out to do.

But when its time to go High Tech

Take a Drive, Google Drive that is!   With the amount of time you'll be spending surfing for ideas and inspiration, Google Drive will save all your wedding forms and documents and it automatically saves them to the cloud! You can share with anyone and work with your team to stay on top of any changes. Apps like Wunderlist, and Todoist aid in your planning of all the smallest details adding calendar tools to help you prioritize your wedding planning details and make it more easy and fun!.

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