Fit into those Wedding Clothes!


Are you, the Bride, going to fit into those Wedding Clothes come time to walk down the aisle? Are you going to spend all that money to buy a Wedding Dress months ahead of time and then not fit into it?! Is the Groom selecting Wedding Attire based on measurements taken last year? Make sure there is a tailor close by, if Wedding Day finds you not fitting into your clothes.

#1 Decide that this is "the most important thing I can do for myself and my future. It's an investment that will pay off in multiple ways."

How to start? It’s easier than you think to start right now trimming inches off your waistline.

#2. My Weight Loss Plan Basically, you eat less.

I’ve never “dieted” before – which means I never paid attention to how much I was eating. I justified my eating habits by pointing out all the healthy food I do eat.

Two 2 days a week, men eat 600 calories, women eat 500 calories. The rest of the week you eat normally. At first, I found the adjustment to this type of fasting difficult. It took my body a month for my stomach to shrink and start telling me "I'm full" before that 3rd slice of pizza!

Chicken on top of salad has been my weekly 2 day dinner “fast.” I’m a creature of habit and simplicity. To entice my wife into the program, I found this website with tons of recipes that spice up your menu and cut your prep time in the kitchen.

By all means, if you have dietary health issues, talk to your doctor before embarking on any plan.


#3. Bump up your energy output, develop some muscles!
I thought having a physical job, moving all day was enough exercise to keep me in shape. WRONG!

When I started walking 30 minutes followed by 15 min. of weight lifting 5 days a week thought the workout would never end! Sing on the treadmill, choose a medium paced tune and walk! Grooms, I know you want to rip your shoulders and stomach to be manly, and Brides you might  be a little impatient. While muscle burns fat, listen to a trainer: using lighter weights (2-3 lbs for women) (8-10lb for guys) works. You will end up being able to continue on schedule with less aches and pains.

Repeat: "This is the most important thing I can do for myself and my future. It's an investment that will pay off in multiple ways.

This worked for me. I'm a normal guy, weighed 250 and decided that was enough was enough. Six months later I weighed 215! and wasn’t deprived of beer, crackers & cheese; all the so-called “bad foods.” I let this food plan go somewhat at Thanksgiving through New Year’s. I was too scared to get on the scale! Finally, January 20th I stepped up and weighed in at 217!

Make it easy and you will keep doing it. Once you have incorporated exercise and this nutritive program into your day, you will have an amazing ability to stay trim as your wedding day approaches. You will fit into wedding dress, the trousers and drop a shirt size.

No post-wedding weight gain happening to you! You’ll be saying, "I made an investment that is still paying off in multiple ways.”

We say, “Congratulations, you fit into those Wedding Clothes!”


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