Crystal Coast Beach Weddings – 2014 Brides

The “Southern Inner Banks” were calling me to stay longer than a 4 hour DJ event. So my family rented a beach house for a week in Emerald Isle. My first question was, “who was having a Crystal Coast Beach wedding this weekend?”

Rockers on the beach

I drove up and down the island, checking out reception venues. Every place was packed.  I compared service people’s trucks to the participants in our shared  advertising campaign at this site,

We were hankerin’ for a clambake but the stairs to the beach were prohibitive so we contacted  Phyllis has her own kitchen so there isn’t an extra charge for renting space, like some caterers have to do.

Miss Phyllis delivered HOT food, more than enough for ten people, on time. Clams, shrimp, potato, corn – our choice of ingredients. We asked for barbeque chicken to tide us over another day but it served well that night for those a bit squeamish about seafood. She also had sausage on the menu, but Polish grandmother special ordered those!

We got to talking about  beach weddings  and she agreed, next year’s brides are in a frenzy to secure wedding services.  2014 brides are visiting the area this summer to book NOW.

Crystal Coast Beach weddings occurring at rental properties are a delicious way to stay intimate, have a “honeymoon” built into the event and breathe easier about planning a destination wedding. can help with rentals to suit your needs plus event coordination once on the island. There are houses on the inside, intracoastal waterway that have docks, so to bring the bride and groom to the wedding event or drift away for a sunset ride.

It certainly was a beach vacation to remember! Family, fishing, good eating and a trip to the Aquarium on our only rainy day,, were so refreshing. Back to the wedding DJ bookings! I received 5 quotes and booked 2 weddings upon my return! Those 2014 Brides are not messing around this year. Hallelujah!

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