Choosing your wedding dj package

Wedding DJ for New Bern, Crystal Coast and WilmingtonWedding Dj’s are all over the web, is right there too.  Finding likely candidates for you wedding dj couldn’t be easier!

So after surfing the web for an evening, you find 3-4 sites that are in the area of your reception and look like they have it together.  Most wedding dj website these days have interactive tools that allow prospective Brides and grooms to check availabilty, get prices, search music and even print out the contract.  On Carolina Wedding Dj , you just click availability, plug in your date and follow the prompts.

There are sound systems, then there are SOUND Systems!

You will quickly find out a lot about weddings!  At the dj services will be presented like a menu for you to choose from you can organize it all right there and find out a cost on all that wedding dj bling!  Your wedding ceremony can be recorded music or you can choose live music.   OR if you have some talented individual in your party live sound services can make them sound their best.  Wedding ceremony on the beach?  No problems there either. Multiple sound systems are not an issue either, in fact most weddings I do have more than one.

How long?  Most dj’s have packages based on the length of the event so that’s the next decision.   My most popular is a 5 hour event consisting of both Ceremony and Reception.  If you have a question on the timing of your wedding reception, feel free to ask.  I always offer fast and friendly answers.

Lighting Too?

Last but not least, lighting has a huge effect on the feel of a room. Our “atmosphere lighting package” is designed to change the look of the room.  On the dance floor, nothing beats having the lights sync up to the music to keep the dance party moving. So, turn down the house lights and turn up the music and make the memories of a lifetime!

So what are you waiting for?  Go online, plan your dream wedding and get the budget info you need!


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