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Frank Vignola Duo – video here

Every once in awhile you get a chance to experience something special. Last night, yours truly Bob Laverty from had that opportunity. Here’s my review from Frank Vignola’s performance last night at Oriental’s “Old Theater”.

 The Review


Frank Vignola was right up there with the best music I have ever seen! (yes that’s a strong statement, but true) From the Standards to the Ventures to Mendellson and Flight of the Bumblebees. The delivery was excellent, musicianship was unsurpassed and they kicked it “To Da Moon!”  Applause was loud and long as the performance went from one high spot to the next!

As a professional wedding DJ here on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina, I am aware that true talent is a lot of hard work and perseverance. You train yourself to be “on stage” when you need to be (no easy task when it’s a hundred degrees and your in a suit!) When everything is right with the world and you can do no wrong it’s a wonderful thing. It’s the other times you train for, like “dinner is running late” ” Hey! Where’s the best man?” or my favorite ” we’re having an issue with the power” you need to know what works in those situations and do it like you love it.

If you are looking at wedding vendors for your ceremony/reception, be it Caterers, Photographers or Djs, try to get a feel for their experience and commitment to the job, that’s where the value is. Frank and Vinnie in the video above could do that music in their sleep standing on one foot (and they did!) That was hard work.

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