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Beach wedding paradise

Who hasn't dreamt of a beach wedding in paradise. Plenty of sunshine, puffy white clouds and the soft surf lapping in time to the musician playing the processional.  Guests in their white chairs witnessing and sharing a very special moment.  Eastern North Carolina has endless beaches stretching from Atlantic Beach down to Emerald Isle. And more down the Crystal Coast to Surf City, Ocean Isle, Wilmington and Southport.  Beach wedding paradise just waiting for a bride and groom to come along! is waiting for you too!  Are you renting a private residence on Salter Path or Indian Beach? Or having a posh wedding at the incredible Dunes Club on Atlantic Beach? Or partying down at the Islander in Emerald Isle?  DJ Bob Laverty of has worked all of those and more!

Beach weddings are all about the prep Baby!

Sure, you can take 5 of your best friends and do an Elopement on the beach with very little fuss. But, if you're going to have 75 guests come and partake of your piece of paradise you had better be organized and prepared!  Those chairs and the arbor, decorations, sunscreen and water don't get down there by themselves!  That's why engaging a professional like Bob Laverty can take a whole lot of things off of your mind.  Having done hundreds of wedding ceremonies, with live music, ceremonial details and locations pays off big time, setting your mind at ease.

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Live music on the beach

...And the beach wedding equipment

Weddings on the beach require special equipment such as battery powered amplifiers, mixers often need to be available.  Wireless mic for the officiant?  Same deal. has invested heavily in beach weddings, enough to have the harpist at left, a trio of singers and 2 wireless mics at the arbor!

While not every wedding is that intense and indeed most use only the included one wireless mic. That means that if you have some special ideas, Bob Laverty can facilitate your beach wedding paradise!


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