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Focus on Wedding Ceremonies – Music Details

Let’s focus on wedding ceremonies. As a DJ/Musician, 8 out of 10 weddings I do include the ceremony.

The general outline is  20 minutes of “Prelude” (seating music).  Then “the Processional,” which is 2-3 songs, escorts the parents and bridal party in, concluding with the Bride’s entrance.  During the Ceremony, there may be an “Interlude”  (readings, sand or knot ceremony, etc). that needs music.  From there, it’s onto the vows and presentation of the married couple (Yay!)  Then the “Recessional” kicks in and the Bride and Groom exit followed by the Bridal Party and guests.

Once the outline is understood and the important musical elements are decided (Bride’s entrance/Processional and Recessional), the rest of the music rests on deciding the “vibe” or “theme” and communicating that to the Musician/DJ.  At you will find a dedicated Planning form for the ceremony plus a couple tools to choose your music. A very easy one to use is an app called “Fun Weddings”. You can use it for any aspect of your wedding from the Processional to the Last Dance.  Just select and “Fun Weddings” will give you 50 suggestions!

On the day of your wedding Carolina Wedding DJ Bob Laverty is ready 30 minutes prior to the ceremony time.  This gives time for last minute instructions and possibly to fit the officiant with a Lavalier Mic. Conferring with the wedding coordinator for cues as to the processional, we are all ready to start! The music begins and the guests are seated. The processional starts and the Officiant says “all rise.”  As the bride reaches the arbor, the music artfully fades and the ceremony begins.

I hope this focus on wedding ceremonies has been helpful for you.

CWDJ  Bob Laverty

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