Online Booking

  • June 27, 2017

Carolina Wedding DJ is doing more booking online this year. The contract button follows your quote form information on the Availability page. Fill it out, sign and email delivers to both of  us.

We need to talk to you. Some venues call for 3 sound systems and you may not be aware of that. Does ceremony on the beach literally mean you are wedding with feet in the sand? or under the gazebo of your rented private residence? Did you know there is noise curfew in many locations? 11 pm might not be a feasible end time. So let’s settle out these details so everyone knows what they need, what they are getting and are happy with the price it is going to cost to deliver the excellent sound you require. Bob will then print out the contract and forward a copy to  you.

The payment button is also located on the same page. We take Paypal and all major credit cards. Make the $200 deposit and your event is reserved. There are deadlines to make a deposit and also to pay the balance. These are noted on your contract.

These procedures reserve the DJ and your date. From here, we send you an information letter plus the wedding planner. We call you, to be sure you have received all the preliminary information. What about the music?! Let’s get to the fun and also the easiest part of this arrangement.

Wedding music can encompass all the genres. There is appropriate space throughout this 3 or 4-tiered event to hear everything that everyone in your party wants to hear. These selections get narrowed down by the 2 weeks preceding your wedding. The pressure is on! Name that tune, that special dance you want to honor anniversaries with. We have an abundant library and suggestions to fill in your blanks. And of course, you can bring us CDs of your favorites that we might not be able to get a hold of, such as Disney special songs. Once the planning is done, you never have to think about music until your first dance as wife and husband.

This is our specialty, our own joy to play the music that creates the memories of romance beginning and renewed. Call us, this is what we can do for you.