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Carolina Wedding DJ Available for Crystal Coast Bride and Groom!

  • January 17, 2014

The Crystal Coast Bridal Salon is taking place this weekend. This is our major advertiser, as we search to match our Wedding DJ skills with your wedding reception plans.

What’s it going to take to book Wedding Vendors? MONEY. How much does that DJ cost? It’s not just the amount you need to know.

What are you getting for the money? A Master of Ceremonies throughout the night, your DJ orchestrates the arrangement of your reception. Seamlessly soundtracks are created from your music choices and delivered at each stage of your reception. You want everything you’ve planned to happen, right?  That’s the Music Man’s job; to move your people with music throughout cocktails, dinner and dancing.

What do you really need? A Wedding DJ professional who can work with your budget and your plans. Does a tent at such-and-such location need additional lighting? What events can you fit into a 3 hour reception and still create the party “feel?”  With years of experience, you know that whatever happens, this Master of Ceremonies can handle changes. You want  flexibility, quick response and above all,  a great personality representing your interests on your special day.

What’s the difference between a $100/hr. and a $200/hr. DJ? Knowledge and execution of what to do when….the lights go out, the equipment breaks down, the tent is too dark, the food is late. What services and sound equipment best suit your arrangements and what additions could complement your party? There is no excessive talk with this Carolina Wedding DJ. You, the bride and groom, are being showcased throughout the evening.

At , music services menu will estimate your costs. Your wedding ceremony is an add-on; recorded music, live music or live sound equipment to accompany your friends’ solo. Another option on my North Carolina Wedding DJ site is the Subwoofer Package. If you are planning a large wedding, in a big room or out of doors, with a guest list of 150-200 people who really want to party, that’s the sound that will shake up the dance floor! 2000 Watts of Bose Bass power will make it rock from the first dance to the last! Last but not least, lighting has a huge effect on the feel of a room.  These days up lighting is being used a lot to create an atmosphere in reception venues. Due to LED technology, you can transform a room using virtually any color scheme.  On the dance floor, nothing beats having the lights sync up to the music to keep the dance party moving.

So what are you waiting for?  Let’s start this party!  See your dream wedding come to life by starting a contact form and get the budget info you need!